July 22nd, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 29
Atrum Coal provides update to Council
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David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
Atrum Coal provided Council with an update during the regular Council meeting on July 14th.

Atrum is a public company trading on the Australian Stock exchange who are focusing their exploration and development of coal resources that are used for making steel.

Atrum acquired the exploration rights to the Elan properties in 2017.

There have made two leadership changes since their last update to council.

Andy Caruso was appointed as their new CEO in May of 2020.

Caruso has a 30-year career in mining and is a qualified mining engineer.

Caruso also has a background in executive management.

Atrum also added Bill Fleming as an Independent Board Director in February of 2020.

Fleming has a 35+-year career as a qualified mining engineer and spent time in senior leadership roles with Teck in the Elk Valley.

Atrum’s prime focus right now is the Elan project.

The Elan Project is approximately 30km east of the Elk Valley complex in the same coal basin as Elk Valley.

Council was provided an update on the resource estimate as well.

There is a 373 million ton total for Elan South and Isolation South projects.

That total is a 25 per cent increase from their previous estimate.
Atrum spent much of 2019 doing exploration.
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Their exploration program saw Atrum re-establish several of the historical Elan South exploration roads in April.

Atrum also initiated field geology survey in May, initiated new road building first week of June 2019, 26 km of which were constructed at Elan South while another 23 km were constructed at Isolation South.

Atrum also started drilling in the first week of July of 2019.

They drilled 169 holes at Elan South and another 59 at Isolation South.

Atrum have also continued and expanded their baseline data collection.
In 2018, Atrum collected data on wildlife monitoring, stream flow monitoring and surface water quality sampling.

In 2019, Atrum expanded that data collection to include more monitoring of wildlife, soils, vegetation and wetlands, surface water quality, aquatic life, hydrology and hydrogeology and air quality.

Atrum completed their scoping study earlier this year.

That study showed additional resource confirmed at Elan South and also identified less complex mining at Isolation South.

That finding resulted in a shift of exploration focus to Isolation South.

The next part of the update included information on Atrum’s 2020 exploration program.

Atrum currently has a coal exploration permit application in front of the Alberta Energy Regulator that focuses on Isolation South.

With that CEP, they are looking for 456 drill holes and 66km of new access trail.

Senior Director, regulatory and Stakeholders, Tony Mauro, says that while they are looking for 456 holes, they won’t be drilling at all locations.
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“The reality is we aren't really going to be drilling 456 holes. We need the flexibility in case we encounter problems with terrain. It's easier to set a decent spacing up early and access our holes that we need.”

Mauro went on to say that only about 15 per cent of drill holed permitted will be used.

Mauro says there will be continuation of environmental baseline data collection in 2020 as well.

Mauro also touched on Atrum’s engagement program that will see them continue discussion with the Crowsnest Pass, MD Ranchlands, First Nations and says they also plan to hold an open house in the fall.

After the update was complete, Council was given the opportunity to ask questions.

Councillor Anctil asked if Atrum is pushing the road into the Daisy Creek area from Highway 40.

Mauro says he doesn't believe that road is Atrum's.

"From what I understand the only roads that we're pushing is up in the Isolation area. You go up to the fork in the road where the oldman river road branches off, up four kilometers and that's our access point. That's the extent of our exploration. If it is us, I'll let you know."

Councillor Glavin asked what the water source for the mine will be.

"Our water source is currently under investigation. However, we are advised that there will be an allocation available under the existing order of the Oldman River. Alberta environment 20 years ago, reserved a significant amount of water for commercial, industrial and irrigation purposes. We understand that Alberta Environment is seeking to modify the order to make that commercial allotment, which has been available for 20 years and unaccessed, available to additional interested parties that may have an industrial purpose."

Councillor Sygutek asked Mauro if any meetings have occurred with provincial ministers and received any feedback from them.

"Our former CEO was fairly active in the political circles. Since the arrival of our new CEO, we have not been active with any ministers or bureaucrats. The farthest we've gone is dealing with the Alberta Energy Regulator.”
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July 22nd, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 29
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