February 12th, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 6
Chris Delisle Top 40 under 40
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Lethbridge College Instructor and Chair of the Wind Turbine Technician Program Chris DeLisle was recently recognized as a Top 40 under Forty by the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and BDO Canada.
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
Chris DeLisle of Lethbridge College has been recognized as one of the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce and BDO Canada’s Top 40 Under Forty.

DeLisle’s interest in the energy industry came from taking trips from the Crowsnest Pass to Lethbridge at a young age.

“Driving by all the turbines all the time peaked my interests. My career path led me to be a master electrician, which is also power generation and it was just looking for a job close to home and found one in the wind industry.”

Now teaching at the Lethbridge College, DeLisle says it wasn’t always on his radar but was pleased when the opportunity presented itself.

“It popped up out of interest because through my career as an electrician and then even as a wind tech, I always enjoyed working with apprentices and teaching people new things. When I saw the opening at the college I thought that was something that worked for me.”
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DeLisle says he doesn’t see himself leaving his current job any time soon.

“I'm really happy with where I am now. I'm also the chair of the program now. I'm spending the majority of time in the classroom with students which I love. The other part of my time is looking after budgets and trying to bring in industry partners to partner with the program and I'm really enjoying that side as well.”

The following is an excerpt from The Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page.

Chris DeLisle grew up in the Crowsnest Pass and traveled to Lethbridge regularly.

When he did, he was always intrigued by the wind turbines – even at a young age.

To be working in the renewable energy industry now is a cool reflection on the past for Chris.

Chris has an infectious passion for the wind energy industry.

He is committed to enhancing the future of green energy in Alberta and around the globe.

As the chair of Renewable Energy at Lethbridge College and an instructor in the Wind Turbine Technician program, Chris is passionate about student success and providing the needed workforce for the wind industry. He cares about the student and is often following up with alumni to let them know of opportunities. He has been a very strong advocate within the wind industry.
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After graduating from Crowsnest Consolidated High School, Chris attended Lethbridge College, where he graduated from the Electrician Apprenticeship program.

He became a Master Electrician working in all areas of the trade before joining a wind turbine company as a wind turbine technician.

Throughout his electrical career, Chris always had a passion for teaching people new things and helping them achieve their goals and when he saw an opening at Lethbridge College, he thought it would be a natural fit for him.

Chris has spent the last seven years teaching the newest generation of wind turbine technicians. He loves teaching.

While teaching is his passion, Chris also had the opportunity to move into the administrative side of education, being promoted to program Chair where he is able to advocate for his program and fight for its students.

Shortly after he began teaching at Lethbridge College, Chris won a teaching excellence award. He has become a recognized expert voice in his field and is frequently asked to speak with media from across Canada – and beyond – about renewable energy and wind turbines.
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February 12th, 2020 ~ Vol. 90 No. 6
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