October 9th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 41
Down the Road
Simply Selles by David Selles
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
When I was in school, I was a fairly active guy.

I played basketball from grade six all the way to grade 12, played volleyball from grade seven to grade nine and also ran hurdles for a couple years as well.

In the summers, I was playing in Lethbridge’s soccer league.

I was constantly doing something sporty throughout the year.

After graduating, all the volleyball, basketball and track and field left me with a lot less physical activities to enjoy.

I have continued to play soccer in Lethbridge every summer, but when that’s all the exercising you do, it gets tougher to stay in a shape other than round.

When I was attending the Lethbridge College, my second and final year became very stressful for me.

As a way to counteract the stress, I began running.

I had heard that running helps reduce the levels of a body’s stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, while also stimulating levels of endorphins.

It worked.

I was feeling less stressed and had found another way to stay active.
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Fast forward a couple months and I started running with one of my sisters.

She has some crazy goals and always finds a way to achieve them.
Her first idea was to run a 10-kilometer race.

Now, while I enjoyed running I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy running 10k, but she found a way to convince me and we started training for it.

When the race came around, I was feeling pretty good and finished with a decent time.

I found that I had enjoyed it more than I thought, which made it easier to say yes the next time my sister asked to run a race with her.

In the new year, I see a post from her on Instagram saying how a goal of hers this year is to run a half marathon.

Yup, 21.1k of pure running fun!

Of course she asks me if I want to join her and after a bit of persistence on her part and caving in on my part, I was also signed up for the Lethbridge Police Run Half Marathon.

For training, we began finding some shorter races we could enter to build up our speed and endurance gradually.
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The first race was the Moonlight run in Lethbridge.

That race was only a 6k race but involved running up a hill from the river bottom.

This race made me question my love of running a little bit but was still somewhat enjoyable.

Before our first race, my sister and I made a friendly wager that the loser between the two of us buys the winner dinner.

She won that race and with it the idea to keep that wager going in future races.

We also ran a 10k race in Canmore last month.

She beat me in that race as well and overall I’m on the hook for three separate dinners.

This past weekend was the half marathon.

Let me tell you, I have no idea why people would choose to run that far for “fun”.

I barely survived, but can officially say I completed a half marathon, which not a ton of people can say.

My sister was in good spirits because she finished ahead of me again but I’m hoping she’ll take pity on me and buy me the dinner for once.

She also asked me shortly after finishing if I’d do it again.

Asking someone that after they’ve just ran for almost three hours straight (yep, took me almost three hours) isn’t a great idea because the answer is automatically going to be no.

At least for me that is the only answer that seemed appropriate considering as I sit here writing this two days after the race I still feel like a hundred year old man.

But maybe just maybe, with more training and regularity, I might find myself running in another half marathon down the road.
It just might be far down the road.
October 9th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 41
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