October 2nd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 40
Downtown Coleman getting closer to completion
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The Downtown Coleman Revitalization Project is nearing its completion. Full completion of the project is expected by mid November.
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
The Downtown Coleman Revitalization Project is nearing its completion.
After many months with limited access to the downtown area, large portions of the downtown are now accessible.

Chief Administrative Officer, Patrick Thomas, says the first phases are nearing completion.

“Most of the work in phase one and two is complete. There's still a little bit of sidewalk work in phase 2 left to complete. All the water and sewer lines for the project is done and most of the storm line is complete. The 19th Ave. culvert is done and the 17th Ave culvert was set in place on Friday so there will just be some backfill to occur there when the snow is gone.”

Thomas also says the underground work is close to being finished.

“Most of the underground is complete now. There is just a little bit left to touch up and then we'll be switching over to the surface crews to keep going until weather chases them out or they're finished.”

Thomas says that most of the landscape work has also been completed along with new garbage cans and benches.

The area still being affected most by the construction is the area of 17th Avenue from 78 Street to 80th street with some finishing touches happening in other areas.
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“The work still being done is from the Post office east to the creek. That's the section where the majority of the work is left. There are also some sidewalks to be finished tying in over by the museum. They are still finishing streetlight installation and landscaping in sections as well along with work getting the overhead power converted underground.”

As far as restricted areas go, there are still two areas with limited or no access for residents.

“The area that would be restricted is from the creek to Chris' Restaurant. There is also a piece of 19th Avenue on the north side of the museum where they are patching where the culvert replacement happened so there is some sidewalk, fencing and some paving to happen there. Residents can get to their homes but there is no through traffic yet.”

Thomas says the snow did slow workers down but not in any substantial way.

“It's put us back a couple days but the snow is already melting off the roads here and we should have decent temperatures the rest of the week so it caused a couple days of lost time but not weeks.”
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The completion date of all elements including streetlights and traffic signs is currently expected to be November 15th but Thomas says the major work will be done before then.

Thomas says there is one thing that may be left until spring depending on the weather.

“The only thing left that may not get done because of temperatures is the line painting. They need certain temperatures to apply the paint so it may or may not happen depending on the fall temperatures here.”

Thomas says the municipality wants to thank everyone for working with them to bring the project to completion.
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October 2nd, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 40
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