September 18th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 38
Local recycling spot to close in October
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David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
Residents will soon have to look elsewhere when looking to recycle certain materials.

Owner of Pass Beverages, Brent Kenney, says that he will be closing down the material recycling at his warehouse while continuing to do run the depot.

Kenney’s reasoning is simply that there is nowhere to move the materials to.

“The markets in North America are not recycling material. China, the US and Canada are all in a trade war right now and China has said they won't purchase any more recycled material. The last figure I had was that China was buying 90 per cent of recycled material in North America.”

Kenney says this has caused storage facilities to fill.

“What has happened because of that is that all the mills and companies that do use recycled materials are full. Therefore they're not buying, taking, even taking for free any of the recycled materials that are sitting in all the yards across Alberta and the rest of the country. Everyone in Alberta that is a recycler is sitting on huge quantities of all the recyclable materials.”

Kenney now says his next step will be to give the municipality some time before closing that section of his business.
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“My next step is that because the municipality has honoured their contract and have been good to me, I gave the municipality notice of 30 days. I am going to recycle until October 6th on behalf of the municipality and then after that I will start to close and remove the recycle bins outside my warehouse and I'll no longer accept any of the cardboard, newsprint, glass, plastic or tin cans.”

Kenney is asking the public to honour the closing of the recycling and to not leave materials outside his warehouse after the final day.

“People can't just dump their recyclables at my place. If they do, it'll just go in the garbage. It's a big concern for me. It’ll get messy.”

As for other options for residents, Kenney says they may have to search far for their next potential location to recycle.

“Currently, there aren't many options for residents. Pincher Creek is in a similar position as Kenney and residents may need to look as far as Lethbridge for potential places to recycle.”

Kenney says that the issue is much larger than people may realize.

“It's a very big issue. It's bigger than the public knows. The public is doing a great job of recycling it's just at this point the end use is not increasing enough to use all the recycled products.”
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At this point, Kenney doesn’t see himself re-opening the recycling side of his business in the future.

“I've been recycling for so long I'm not sure how my business is going to operate when I don't have that. It's kind of a scary moment for me too. It would have to be a very good contract with the municipality and the markets would have to be substantially more stable otherwise I'd be right back in the same situation I'm at now.”

Kenney says his warehouse is almost too full to continue his work.

“I have very little room to carry on my day-to-day business because I have so much recycling in my warehouse.”

The only way Kenney can see a way forward is for this part of the world to find a way to recycle materials on their own instead of relying on other countries.

“North America needs to start manufacturing or coming up with uses for the recycled material. The world really needs to come up with solutions for garbage in general. It's not there yet.”
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September 18th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 38
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