September 11th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 37
Reverse Trade Show Information
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David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
The Crowsnest Pass will be holding an industry Reverse Trade Show in October.

The trade show will give local businesses an opportunity to meet with different Industry Buyers in one-on-one meetings.

Through these meetings, local businesses will be able to determine if they can help these buyers in any way.

Businesses are encouraged to provide business cards and other information to leave with buyers.

Sacha Anderson, the President of Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce, who are working on this in conjunction with Community Futures, says this event is a great way for businesses to find local work.

“It's a chance for a lot of our local and regional businesses to get in on some of the new big projects that are coming up in the area.”

There will be buyer teams from Teck Coal, Riversdale Resources, Montem Resources and North Coal with the potential of another business as well.

Local businesses will be given the chance to meet with each of these companies if they wish.

Anderson says that meetings are scheduled for a maximum of 10-minute intervals.
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There will also be help for local businesses if they have any questions.

“We will have reps from Alberta Labour, Apprenticeship Board and Alberta Economic Development to answer any questions people may have,” said Anderson.

The industries at the reverse trade show will be looking for suppliers and services in multiple different categories including Waste Management, Electrical, Surveying, Fuel Suppliers, Office Supplies, Rental Services, Plumbing/HVAC, Medical/Safety, Construction, and many others as well.

Interested businesses are required to pre-register for the event.

Any business that does not register before hand will not be able to meet with Industry.

To register for the event, businesses are required to fill out a registration sheet that was sent to them by September 23, at 4:00pm.
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Businesses are asked to send the forms via email or mail to either or or they can send the hard copy forms to Box 818, Blairmore, AB TOKOEO.

Anderson says this is an event they’re looking forward to and that the idea came from the CARES grant.

“We're excited, it's a good chance for everyone to gear up over the coming years. It was one of the identified things out of the cares grant. It was recommended that we pursue a reverse trade show immediately to start gearing up for these potential projects.”

If businesses have any other questions regarding the Reverse Trade Show, they can call Community Futures at 403-562-8858 or email either of the above addresses.
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September 11th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 37
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