July 24th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 29
Doors Open Preview
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
David Selles
Pass Herald Reporter
Preparation is underway again for the 14th annual Doors Open and Heritage Festival.

This year’s theme is Coal Town Culture and Ian McKenzie, a volunteer with the Crowsnest Heritage Initiative that coordinates the festival, says this theme will bring out some different history of the Pass.

“This year our theme of Coal Town Culture is intended to cover some of the more cultural aspects of Crowsnest Pass even from a heritage perspective or even from a modern perspective. We have quite a long history of culture, music, art and literature in the Pass and we just thought we'd celebrate it this year.”

McKenzie also says there will be a new addition to the festival launch event this year.
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“Our launch event is always popular and it's becoming even more popular with the involvement of the Heritage Youth Theatre. This year they, along with elements of the Crowsnest Pass Chamber Orchestra will be presenting almost a fashion show called living portraits as part of our launch event.”

According to McKenzie, there is always a fairly solid amount of the community that get involved.

“I would say there's probably a dozen separate entities that take part in this. Some of them take part every year and every year we get new ideas and new participants.”

There will be some new events that centre more around this years theme as well.

“Because of the theme Coal Town Culture, some of the new events centre on that. There's going to be an old fashioned barn dance. There are events where people can meet local authors or people who have written about the Crowsnest Pass. There is a guided bus tour where the guide will speak about the different cultural aspects of the Crowsnest Pass,” said McKenzie.
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Along with some of the new events, McKenzie says people can expect to see some of the regular events that have been taking place at the festival over the years like the one the museum puts on.

“Every year the Museum puts on an event called the Teddy Bear's Picnic. It's a kid’s event where kids and their parents are encouraged to bring a teddy bear to the grounds next to the museum. There are a variety of activities for kids to take part in.”

A lot of the events taking place over the weekend are free for people to attend.

If anyone wants more information about the Doors Open and Heritage Festival, brochures can be picked up at the Bellevue Mine, Leitch Collieries, Provincial Historic Site, Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, the Crowsnest Pass Public Art Gallery, Crowsnest Museum, Old Dairy Ice Cream Shoppe, during their regular hours of operation, and can also be picked up at historic kiosks where listed.
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July 24th, 2019 ~ Vol. 89 No. 29
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