December 5th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 49
Meet your new community dentists
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Dr. An Yi Ma (left) and Dr. Nicholas Ehmann are the new dentists are Crowsnest Dental Clinic.
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Crowsnest Dental in Blairmore has gone through some changes over the past several months. They are under new ownership, have a new general manager and are staffing two new general dentists, Dr. An Yi Ma and Dr. Nicholas Ehmann.

They perform a full range of dental procedures, from checkups, restorative work, fillings, crowns, prosthetics and cosmetic dental procedures like veneers, whitening and cosmetic recontouring. To further serve the needs of the community, they will be pursuing additional training to perform Botox, apply braces and install implants.
They are focused on family dentistry and serving the entire community, kids included.

“We want to serve kids and parents together because in the past, the clinic had referred a lot of them away to do general anesthesia. We really want to focus on bringing kids back to the clinic. It’s outrageous sending every kid an hour and a half away [to a clinic in Lethbridge]. We want to turn that around,” says Ehmann.

The engaged couple both graduated from the dental program at the University of Alberta and moved to the Pass from Edmonton in August 2018 to take the position at Crowsnest Dental. In fact, it was an opportunity that almost didn’t pan out. Back in Edmonton, they were struggling to find a position that was in proximity to one another. The day they were going to sign a contract for a position in Regina, SK, they received an offer from Crowsnest Dental.
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"It was almost like an act of fortune. They needed us and we needed them. It was really good timing,” says Ehmann. “We talked about how we wanted to serve a rural community because there was a big need and we would get to do a lot of things and form a nice bond with people there. In a big city, dentists come and go, patients come and go. There’s no assurance that you’ll keep seeing the same people for 20 years.”

They have already started to be ingrained in the community. They joined the Crowsnest Community Christian Centre, the Pass Pottery Club and enrolled in martial arts courses through the municipality.

“The community has been really welcoming,” says Dr. Yi Ma.

Dr. Ehmann, born and raised in Medicine Hat, always had an interest in medicine, initially wanting to be an ER doctor or a family doctor, but finally settling on dentistry for the work-life balance and the personal connection with patients the profession offered.

“For me dentistry was a very obvious choice because I like to talk to people, the mouth didn’t gross me out and it gave me flexibility to be with my family,” he says.

Born in China, Yi Ma moved to Edmonton when she was in grade 3 and her desire to pursue dentistry stems from a very personal story.
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“I had really bad teeth growing up and as immigrants, we never had any money, so I looked into it a lot. I never received dental care growing up, so after looking at it, I felt compelled to do better for people and to serve in an area that I was passionate about,” says Dr. Yi Ma. She will be undergoing double jaw surgery in January 2019.

They’re looking to settle down in Crowsnest Pass, here to stay for the long term... no matter how much Yi Ma misses her Bubble Tea! Between the two of them, they are into skiing, hunting, trail running, fishing, and they look forward to taking advantage of the other perks that the natural landscape has to offer.

"We’re working hard to show that we are wanting to stay, not a yearlong dentist like the past 10 years have been. That’s something we want people to know,” says Dr. Ehmann. “We’re here and we’re committed.”
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December 5th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 49
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