May 9th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 19
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Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Annual Rag Bags Mystery Quilt
It has been 19 years that skilled quilting enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals from all over Alberta (and sometimes even as far as British Columbia and Saskatchewan!) have been gathering annually in Crowsnest Pass for the Rag Bags Mystery Quilt, an event where the collective works together to create a quilt of which, until they see the finished product, the design is kept under wraps.
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Heres My Card
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 180509 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Best pizza? Best running trail? Best ATV area? Have your say!
Crowsnest Pass has many great burgers... But what's the best burger? We also have a number of hiking trails, each special in their own way... But which one is your favourite?
That's what the first ever [...]
Story 2 - 180509 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Month-long mining celebration
The mining industry and workforce will be celebrated all throughout British Columbia for the entire month of May.
This month-long celebration recognizes the important role the mining industry plays in [...]
Story 3 - 180509 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Riversdale update: awaiting panel appointment
Claire Rogers, Community Relations Manager with Benga Mining Limited, provided Council with an [...]
Previous Issues
Story 1 - 180502 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Community beautification, a desire and an ambiguity
Community beautification projects are known to contribute positively to the well-being of communities in many ways beyond just creating visual appeal. On the economic front, an aesthetically pleasing community increase [...]
Story 2 - 180502 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Municipality hires Community Peace Officer
Grant Love has been hired as the municipality's Community Peace Officer (CPO).
Mike Wilson, the previous CPO, left the position in November 2017, leaving the municipality without effective [...]
Story 3 - 180502 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Harm reduction and opioid education information session
Addiction can manifest in many different ways: gambling, alcohol, cigarettes, food, drugs. While each adversely affects the individual and places a heavy burden on the health care system, we generally have a [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Workers’ Hell at Coal Mountain – The Corbin Story
On July 30th, 1905 Spokane entrepreneur D.C. Corbin final got to see what his business partner E.J. Roberts had been hounding him about. When he beheld the 85 yard thick seam of high-grade bituminous coal exposed near [...]
Editorial and Opinions
Watch main street live on our webcam
Our industry is changing and so, by default, is the Pass Herald. No longer are we just a handheld newspaper. We now also offer a digital version of the paper and [...]
Story 2 - 180425 Crowsnest Pass Herald
36th annual KRA Rodeo bucks into town
Spring may have had a late start this year, but it hit just in time for the Kananaskis Pro Rodeo.
"It’s been such a darn terrible spring but you can’t [...]
Story 3 - 180425 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council updates: saving ASMA, dog parks, community trails
Crowsnest Cultural and Recreation Society board member Cal Clarke and fundraising director Randall Shemko presented Council with a brand new vision for the Albert Stella Memorial Arena (ASMA) that provides [...]
Story 4 - 180418 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Kirk Muspratt awarded Conductor of the Year
Although he was only 16 years old when he left Crowsnest Pass to pursue his studies, Kirk Muspratt has fond childhood memories of music in the mountains, an element that he credits as [...]
Story 1 - 180418 Crowsnest Pass Herald
AltaLink holds two workshops for Chapel Rock to Pincher Creek Area Transmission Development
AltaLink hosted two community workshops on April 10 and 11 to explain and receive public feedback on the new Chapel Rock to Pincher Creek Area Transmission Development project.
AltaLink has been directed by the [...]
Story 2 - 180418 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Local woman ordained as Anglican priest
Accompanied by about 25 church family friends from Crowsnest Pass supporting her, Rev. Nicky Keyworth travelled to Calgary to participate in a memorable ceremony where she, along with [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Capturing the Crow
It is the last remnant of a nappe or large body of rock (thrust sheet) and is referred to as a klippe. It is a mountain that has ancient limestones and shales shoved up over top of younger rocks from [...]
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May 9th, 2018 ~ Vol. 89 No. 19
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