July 19th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 29
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- Council updates: July
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Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Swim Meet
The Pass Piranha Swim Club held their annual swim meet on the July 14 weekend. 208 swimmers from all over Southern Alberta attended the event and tried out the newly renovated competition pool. The club posted 22 best times and several aggregate medals. After Quinn Douglas touches the wall, Austin Whelan dives into the pool for his leg of the Freestyle Relay. The team won gold in the event.
Heres My Card
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 170719 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Dog days are coming
The municipality is considering installing a dog park in the community. The project is in very early stages where the Sport and Recreation Board is planning [...]
Story 2 - 170719 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Municipality involves community in plans for beautification
When it comes to community beautification, who better to consult with than the very artists and creative people who live here?
On many occasions at council meetings, [...]
Story 3 - 170719 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council updates: July 11 Governance and Priorities meeting
Jesse Fox, Fire Chief and Manager of Protective Services, presented Council with the new applications for the Noise Bylaw Exemption and the [...]
Story 4 - 170719 Crowsnest Pass Herald
“Friends and Neighbours”
Toronto-born Ronald Tam is the junior associate (or student-in-law) at Val Danielson's law firm on main street. His parents and grandparents also had roots in that metropolis, running their own [...]
Story 5 - 170719 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Be FireSmart: Evacuation tips
With the current dry weather and high temperatures, a wildfire is a potential occurrence and should one happen, it could do so unexpectedly and [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Deerfoot - An Original Sinister Runner
I officially had my mind blown after I visited the Sinister 7 Ultra View Team and Solo lists on the web a couple weekends ago. This was one remarkable event and really puts us on the map. I know this for many reasons one of which was [...]
Previous Issues
Story 1 - 170712 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Local Sinister 7 runners make Crowsnest Pass proud
The 10th annual Sinister 7 Ultramarathon kicked off and kicked serious butt this weekend on July 8.
It was a scorching hot day with temperatures up in the [...]
Story 2 - 170712 Crowsnest Pass Herald
New general manager at Benga Mining
We are pleased to announce the arrival on June 26th of Mr. Alisdair Gibbons to the new role of General Manager, Grassy Mountain Project. Alisdair is taking over the leadership of [...]
Story 3 - 170712 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Campground makes it 15 seasons
Roland and Marianne Hirschi are marking 15 seasons of success owning and operating the Lost Lemon Campground, RV Park and Cabins, making their own [...]
Story 4 - 170712 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A student’s focus on the Frank Slide
Southern Alberta has deep-rooted historical and cultural narrative, and for one 11-year-old girl, it’s the 1903 Frank rockslide that intrigued her most. Enough so, that she chose [...]
Story 1 - 170705 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Hailey’s memorial play area at Lions Park
On Sept. 15, 2015, when little Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette was considered missing, people from the Crowsnest Pass gathered at the Lions Park in Blairmore for a [...]
Story 2 - 170705 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Open House to discuss Highway 3
On Tuesday, June 27 ISL Engineering and Land Services, held an open house at MD McEachern community facility to get feedback from the community regarding the [...]
Story 3 - 170705 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Seeing a dream come true, Barracks open
It’s open, after 16 years in the making; the Alberta Provincial Police Barracks in Coleman celebrated its inaugural opening on July 29..
Dignitaries, active and retired [...]
Story 4 - 170705 Crowsnest Pass Herald
The Crowsnest Pass Gardening Club
Why do we need to keep a garden journal? Simply because we have long, dark winters between the growing seasons and, unless we have been gifted with incredible recall, most of us have no memory of what [...]
Story 5 - 170705 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Canada 150 awards recipients
John Barlow, Member of Parliament for Foothills, is proud to award 150 deserving Canadians with the [...]
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July 19th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 29
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