February 17th, 2016 ~ Vol. 85 No. 7
- Bighorn at risk
- Passtrakers
  Provincial awards
- Local hunters to
  monitor sheep
- Activities for the
  young at heart senior
- Entrepreneur? Come to
  the Pass and invest,
  we have the space
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Be tobacco free for
  Heart Month
- Ruthís Review
- Wintervention in the
- A Valentine
- Looking Back
- Question of the Week
- Crowsnest Pass Real
- Bennett defers power
  bills to help
  struggling B.C. mines
- An Immigrantís Story:
  The Rise and Fall of
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Bighorn at risk
In the spring of 2016, Alberta Transportation plans to begin construction of about 1.5 kilometres of wildlife fencing along both sides of Highway 3.
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 160217 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Local hunters to monitor sheep
Whether he’s fishing or just driving past the Crownest Lakes, Gordon Chaisson’s mind is never far from bighorn sheep.
“I’ve spent a lot of summers and mornings and nights there watching sheep get killed,” he said [...]
Story 2 - 160217 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Entrepreneur? Come to the Pass and invest, we have the space
A local business owner is organizing a tour of the community’s empty commercial properties to highlight the potential for entrepreneurship in the Pass.
Event organizer Jessica Atkinson says [...]
Story 3 - 160217 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Wintervention in the Pass
If you’re feeling the February blahs, maybe it’s time somebody w-intervened on your behalf.
The Crowsnest Cultural and Recreational Society (CanDo) has your back. On Feb. 19 and 20, CanDo will host [...]
Story 4 - 160217 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A Valentine perspective
What is love?
Why is that special person not there? Why give love when it’s unrequited? What’s right? What’s wrong? We were tired of [...]
50 Shades of Black  by Ezra Black
Crowsnest Pass Real Estate
Our real estate market is chugging along while the rest of Alberta is in major decline. How can this be?
One of the most important reasons [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
Tracing the Flow of the Crow
The point that Heraclitus was trying to make is that water which flows over one’s feet standing in a river goes downstream, to be replaced continually by new waters. Changes are always taking place in a [...]
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Previous Issues
Story 1 - 160210 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Municipality considers selling electrical utility to Fortis
Staring a huge capital investment in the face, council is considering selling the municipally owned electrical distribution system to electricity utility FortisAlberta.
During an in-camera session on Feb. 2, council took the first step in [...]
Story 2 - 160210 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council’s approval of outdoor design sparks a ‘great pool debate’
With limited funds for recreational infrastructure and over the objections of vehement internet commenters, council last week approved the construction of a new outdoor pool in Blairmore, launching [...]
Story 3 - 160210 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Financial data shows cost of CNP Fire/Rescue is slowly increasing
Financial data obtained by the Pass Herald shows that spending by the Crowsnest Pass Fire and Rescue department has steadily increased since the community merged four separate fire departments and Crowsnest Pass Rescue in 2012.
Fire/Rescue’s net cost [...]
Story 2 - 160210 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Hillcrest Fish and Game holds annual trophy day
The Hillcrest Fish and Game Hall was packed on Feb. 6 with about 70 local sports enthusiasts for the club’s annual trophy day.
The clubhouse walls were [...]
Story 2 - 160210 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Meet me at the movies: Frank Slide new film venue
The wait is over for movie lovers as Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass welcome back the always-popular MEET ME AT THE MOVIES.
Screening a selection of six critically acclaimed films from [...]
Story 1 - 160203 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Brok'N Spoke could be moving to Pass
The owner of Fort Macleod’s Brok'N Spoke Bike Shoppe says he’s “90 per cent” sure he’ll be moving his business to the Pass by April.
“We’ll know this week once the legal goes through for [...]
Story 2 - 160203 Crowsnest Pass Herald
So you want to be a starving artist? Come to the Pass. You’ll starve less.
Seated in a circle of chairs, making introductions with a few dozen other creative types, Bruce Guy explained how he’d been traveling around North America looking for a place to hang his hat when he found [...]
Story 3 - 160203 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council adopts 2016 budget
Council honoured its pledge to limit property tax increases to two per cent this year in a last minute budget meeting that saw cuts to the library support, non-profit groups and training and travel costs for council and municipal employees.
At a meeting on Jan. 12, CAO Sheldon Steinke listed [...]
Story 4 - 160203 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Riversdale update, more information required for process
The provincial energy regulator has suspended its review of Riversdale Resources’ Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Grassy Mountain Coal Project citing deficiencies.
Benga Mining, a Riversdale Resources subsidiary, can re-submit their application once they [...]
Story 5 - 160203 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Bylaws and Briefs
On Jan. 26, council heard first reading of Bylaw 948 2016, a borrowing bylaw to pay for operational spending until the municipality collects taxes in June.
Finance officer Kelly Tuttle said [...]
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February 17th ~ Vol. 85 No. 7
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