May 27th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 21
- Fore!
- Strawberry Tea
- Bargain Shop opening
  late, offering deals, to
  raise funds for charity
- Seventeenth premier
  of AB sworn in
- Provincewide fire ban
  still in effect
- Tenants abandon four
  cats in Blairmore
- Huge Elk Valley
  garage sale
- MP Barlow: Economic
  Action plan for our area
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Garden guru is coming
  to Spring Break Flower
  Farm in Hillcrest
- Morgan Yanco leads
- CCHS Badminton results
- Walking for Alzheimers
- What’s new for
  Canada Day
- Community Calendar
- Question of the Week
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
- CNP golf course swinging
- Looking Back
- Rick's Corner
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Grant ‘Tanziki’ Collings put the winter behind him as he lined up a shot at the Crowsnest Pass Golf & Country Club on men’s league opening day. The driving ambitions of an experienced grounds crew, dedicated volunteers and a new head chef mean that this golf season will be strokes above par.
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Story 1 - 150527 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Seventeenth premier of AB sworn in
On Sunday, Alberta’s first NDP government was sworn in on the steps of the Alberta Legislature.
Premier Rachel Notley also introduced her 12-member cabinet, which is down from 20 under former premier Jim Prentice.
Notley is proposing [...]
Story 2 - 150527 Crowsnest Pass Herald
MP Barlow: Economic Action plan for our area
Member of Parliament John Barlow is welcoming the Harper Government’s Economic Action Plan 2015. It will support jobs and growth in Macleod, help our families and communities prosper and ensure the security of all Canadians.
“We have kept our promise to [...]
Story 3 - 150527 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Garden guru is coming to Spring Break Flower Farm in Hillcrest
On May 30, author, gardener and radio personality Lyndon Penner will be giving a talk at the Spring Break Flower Farm in Hillcrest.
“He’s going to talk to us about [...]
Story 1
Here comes El Nino
It was reported recently by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology that El Nino thresholds have been reached in the tropical Pacific for the first time in five years. This can be good or bad news depending on where you are in the world but one thing is for sure. If [...]
Ricks Corner by Rick Frederickson
Paying it Forward
It should come as no surprise when I admit to you all that I’ve never been one to learn anything the easy way. For whatever reason, I feel the need to test everything out for myself. One of the few exceptions to this however, was [...]
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Story 1 - 150520 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Conservation volunteers to survey local amphibians in the Pass
The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) kicked off its 2015 Conservation Volunteers (CV) season with an evening of amphibious adventures at the Frayn conservation property, located on the west end of the Blairmore townsite in the Crowsnest Pass.
The group of 16 volunteers, joined by NCC staff and professional biologist Yvonne Bazin, braved the rainy conditions [...]
Diego Syz - Stop n Talk
Carried Away
What I’ve come to realize is that in this day and age everything seems to be about the greater output. It’s all about what can be made bigger, better, stronger and faster. From business aspects to leisurely activities, it’s all been consumed by [...]
Story 3 - 150520 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Out of a tent, into a cell, Lowe gets ten months for Subway assault
Living in a tent, schizophrenic, addicted to crack cocaine, Crowsnest resident Kenneth Lowe was in a bad way long before he assaulted Coleman Subway manager Prabha Sharma for no apparent reason.
The Crown and defence factored in this history of mental illness, substance abuse and [...]
Story 4 - 150520 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Funds needed for York Creek expansion
After the previous council allocated $1 million for the York Creek Lodge expansion, the municipality will need to borrow $700,000 to honour the pledge.
In 2010, the municipality committed the million dollars on condition that [...]
Story 5 - 150520 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Dinosaur theme for festival
From July 30 to Aug. 3, the Doors Open and Heritage Festival will be celebrating the ancient reptiles that ruled the Pass long ago.
The theme for this year’s festival is Stones and Bones: our Native, Dinosaur and Archaeology Heritage.
The festival is being kicked off with [...]
Diego Syz - Stop n Talk
Fifty shades of black
Some analysts are claiming last week’s stunning electoral landslide that propelled the New Democrats to power is the result of the province’s changing demographics.
But at least one political scientist is saying [...]
Story 1
Looking back at 1980
Thirty five years ago I chose to move to a new job at Line Creek Mine and to live in Fernie. So for the next 25 years I was somewhat disconnected from the going’s on here in the Pass and have spent the last ten trying to get [...]
Story 3 - 150513 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Dispute over chickens leaves two dogs dead in Elkford
An Elkford woman is accusing her neighbour of shooting and killing her dogs when they entered his yard and killed his chickens.
Jen Bryant said her dog Raven was wearing a collar with her name and number when neighbour James Bonnell shot her.
“I know this because [...]
Story 4 - 150513 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Survey says Pass wants a summer festival
Data obtained by the Pass Herald shows there could be substantial public support for Thunder in the Valley/Rum Runner Days or a similar summer festival.
The data was collected in an [...]
Story 5 - 150513 Crowsnest Pass Herald
False alarm at the lakes
Emergency services are saying that a phone call that brought the RCMP, Fish and Wildlife, Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue, EMS and STARS air ambulance to the Crowsnest Lake on May 9 was [...]
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May 27th ~ Vol. 85 No. 21
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