May 20th, 2015 ~ Vol. 85 No. 20
Carried Away
What I’ve come to realize is that in this day and age everything seems to be about the greater output. It’s all about what can be made bigger, better, stronger and faster. From business aspects to leisurely activities, it’s all been consumed by this ever growing ideology. We’ve become conditioned to this service of instant gratification and its effects are becoming more and more apparent that all it’s doing is driving us further and further away from ourselves. Even though it’s almost like everything we could ever need or want is at the push of a button, don’t you think that maybe it could be doing us more harm than help?
For example, I’ve never been one to know when enough is enough. Call it greed, gluttony or compulsion but the fact is that throughout my life I’ve always taken things to the point of excess. It’s almost as if I find something that satisfies or pleases me and I tend to abuse it to the point where the original effect ceases to produce at all. Then I’m left to where I was in the first place, searching for the next thing to derive some sort of satisfaction or completion from wherever I may find it.
I remember when I was younger, my grandpa would sometimes look at me like I was insane or spoiled with all the toys and freedoms I had that I ceased to appreciate in his eyes. He would always talk about what it was like for him as a kid and compare the difference between us to me. I would roll my eyes and suffer through his rant until I could leave to go play again but looking back now, what he actually referring to makes a lot of sense.
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I can not only see it in myself but even more so in generation coming up. It’s that distance you can see and feel when they’re removed from whatever occupies the majority of their time. It’s that constant searching for enjoyment, excitement and pleasure that you can see them struggle with actually finding. That or they tend to go through whims and phases of contentment faster than it takes to read this article and then it’s on to the next thing.
To me it feels like the more people have at their disposal, the less and less they appreciate all the small things they take for granted. As everything continues to improve and grow so does our need to fill this insatiable appetite of ours and neither of them seem to have an end in sight.
I guess as an addict I can better see the want and need in other people eyes as they remind me of my own. There’s something to be said about overstimulation and excess. It’s that the further you push your boundaries the further you’ll have to go to get the same effect. Maybe moderation and simplicity is the true key to happiness after all. Because the further I get carried away with things, the less happy I actually become.
May 20th ~ Vol. 85 No. 20
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