October 22nd, 2014 ~ Vol. 84 No. 41

- Bump, Set, Spike
- Council seeks public
  input regarding
  “Naturally Rewarding”
  logo and slogan
- Biologists propose
  wildlife crossings for
  Highway 3 through
  Crowsnest Pass
- Pastor’s Pen
- Ricky Ryp Foundation
  employee has hard-
  hitting experience
- talk about life ...
- RCMP Stats
- Classifieds
- Puzzle Page
- Looking Back
- Small Business Week
- Winterize to safeguard
  your home
- Davis Dodge gives
  back to community at
  weekend sale
- Pro Riversdale council
  opposes load outs
- Community Calendar
- Question of the Week
- Community Services
  new web site
- New auto shop opens up
- Letters to the Editor
- Bricks & Boquets
Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Bump, Set, Spike
F.P. Walshe Flyers hosted the Crowsnest Pass Panthers on Thursday, October 16th in Fort Macleod. Morgan Yanco, a member of the senior team, goes after the ball with the Flyers winning a close game series. Senior game results are as follows: F.P. Walshe Flyers 26 - Pass 24; Flyers 20 - Pass 25; Flyers 27 - Pass 25; Flyers 23 - Pass 25; Flyers 15 - Pass 12. Junior varsity scores as follows: Flyers 25 - Pass 21; Flyers 18 - Pass 25; Flyers 25 - Pass 23.
Story 2 - 141022 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council seeks public input regarding “Naturally Rewarding” logo and slogan
After a municipal rebranding campaign was completed earlier this year, council is looking for public opinion on the new slogan and logo.
“During the election we heard a lot [...]
Story 4 - 141022 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Pro Riversdale council opposes load outs
More than three decades after Coleman Colliers shut down their load out facility, concern is building that the proposed Grassy Mountain Coal Project could once again leave the community [...]
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Previous Issues
Story 1 - 141015 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Remembering ‘The Teenagers’ band
Though they never released an album or dabbled in song writing, and all of their recordings are probably lost, some people in the Pass might remember The Teenagers.
With the recent passing of their guitar player [...]
Story 3 - 141015 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Columbian students enjoying the Pass
After spending three weeks in the Pass, a group of Columbian students say they’ve fallen in love with the community, the people and amazingly, [...]
Story 5 - 141015 Crowsnest Pass Herald
River Run auction of 52-acre portion fails to draw bidders
On June 3, council agreed to auction off a portion of the failed 52-acre River Run development adjacent to the Crowsnest River in Blairmore.
After their former owners failed [...]
Story 1
There Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens
I was going over some old columns of mine and came across this dilly from 1995. My goodness I have been at this now for nineteen years and when I first started there wasn’t any interesting story I wouldn’t go to great lengths to develop. So here is a [...]
Story 4 - 141008 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Riversdale Resources unveils rail load out options
On Sept. 30, the Crowsnest Pass came one step closer to having a working coal mine as Riversdale Resources revealed three rail load out options for the proposed Grassy Mountain Coal Project.
All three proposed options involve [...]
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Crowsnest Pass Weather
Current Weather
Story 1 - 141022 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Biologists propose wildlife crossings for Highway 3 through Crowsnest Pass
Highway 3 is vital to transportation through the Crowsnest Pass but it’s a deathtrap for wildlife.
In a presentation to council on October 14, conservation biologist Dale Paton said there are [...]
Story 3 - 141022 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Ricky Ryp Foundation employee has hard-hitting experience
Having played offensive tackle for Lethbridge Steel of the Western Women’s Canadian Football League (WWCFL), Kirstin Nakatani will be tackling a whole new set of challenges in her [...]
Story 1
Quonset Hut Theaters – Long Live the Roxy
I had a flashback the other day to what it was like to sit as a young boy in the front row of the Roxy Theater in Coleman on a Saturday afternoon for the cowboy matinee. Being in the front row right in front of the screen was just the best place ever.
Back then there was nothing short of a [...]
Story 2 - 141015 Crowsnest Pass Herald
September Fire and Rescue responses for Crowsnest Pass
In September the Crowsnest Pass Fire/Rescue Department responded to 18 calls including the following reported incidents.
On Sept. 3, a caller reported [...]
Story 4 - 141015 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Hwy 3 issues discussed
From Sept. 24 to 26 Mayor Blair Painter, councillors Dean Ward and Dave Filipuzzi and CAO Sheldon Steinke attended an Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) convention in Edmonton.
They met [...]
Story 1 - 141008 Crowsnest Pass Herald
A hard line on domestic violence
At a council meeting in July, the RCMP revealed data on criminal code offences in the Crowsnest Pass, which showed that personal crimes increased 30 per cent between 2006 and 2013.
These offences include [...]
Story 3 - 141008 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Environmental issues raised at Riversdale open house
Selenium contamination of the community’s water resources will be an issue for the proposed Grassy Mountain coal project, said Dane McCoy, Millennium EMS Solutions (MEMS) environmental coordinator.
“The geology of the Crowsnest Pass is the same geology as [...]
Who's in Charge - S.C. Rudegan
Who's in Charge
Since 2003, some 4500 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq and over thirty-two thousand wounded. More than 500,000 Iraqi citizens have died. The U.S. government has spent $1.1 trillion on [...]
October 22nd ~ Vol. 84 No. 41
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