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Crowsnest Pass Herald Front Page
Grad 2017
Forty-two handsome lads and beautiful ladies from Crowsnest Consolidated High School got fancy and jolly at this year’s Banquet and Commencement Ceremony at the Crowsnest Pass Sports Complex on May 12. O Canada was gracefully led by Aislyn Wheelock and Matthew Kenney gave the valedictorian address. In a speech that made the audience laugh, reminisce and even gasp, guests speaker John Kerr’s words moved, inspired and hopefully left the students with a realization that life is sometimes tough, but always beautiful. Pictured above are (left to right) Trennan Shortreed, his date Karlie Stella and Simon Burke.
Heres My Card
Crowsnest Pass Weather
Story 1 - 170517 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Crowsnest hospital beautification project
The second annual beautification project for the Crowsnest Hospital is underway, with planting day scheduled for June 1.
This year, the area to be [...]
Story 2 - 170517 Crowsnest Pass Herald
CNP Emergency Preparedness Event
Are you prepared for a prolonged power outage, flood, forest fire or other natural disaster?
Most people in Crowsnest Pass are not, says Meagan Muff, an EMT with Emergency Medical Services.
In celebration of [...]
Story 3 - 170517 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Population getting younger, just barely
Results from Statistics Canada’s 2016 census results released on May 3 show an increase in young people in Crowsnest Pass.
The average population age in [...]
Story 4 - 170517 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Spray Lakes Open House
Spray Lake Sawmills Ltd. (SLS) held their annual open house detailing their harvest operating plan showing the areas within the C5 Forest Management Unit that are going to be harvested during the [...]
Story 5 - 170517 Crowsnest Pass Herald
“Road Watch” Emerald Lake Wildlife Fencing update
Last Thursday night a comprehensive update on the Emerald Lake fencing program was presented at the Frank Slide Interpretive Center. Event organizer Rob Schaufele of Road Watch in the Pass and the [...]
Previous Issues
Story 1 - 170510 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Blairmore Creek discolouration update
As previously reported, on the morning of April 13, 2017, Benga Mining Ltd (Benga) observed a temporary discoloration occurring in Blairmore Creek. The source of the discolouration was [...]
Story 2 - 170510 Crowsnest Pass Herald
No solution to the feral cat issue yet
The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass is working to find a solution to the spread of feral cats in West Coleman, but the solution is anything but clear-cut.
The old Coleman Collieries [...]
Story 3 - 170510 Crowsnest Pass Herald
2nd annual Artist Studio Tour
From Coleman to Cowley, local and regional artists will be opening their home studios to the public on May 13 and 14 for the second annual Artist Studio Tour.
Organized by the [...]
Story 4 - 170510 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Project Cleanup acknowledges those who keep our region clean
Litter can quickly turn a beautiful lookout into an aesthetic displeasure, a harmful pollutant or a hazard to wildlife, and with the warming weather, one has only to look around to catch [...]
Story 5 - 170510 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Second reading of OHV bylaw tabled
Council has voted to table the second reading of 983, 2017 – Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Control Bylaw following a public hearing on May 2.
Of an audience of [...]
Story 1 - 170426 Crowsnest Pass Herald
New banners unite Crowsnest Pass
As Crowsnest Pass continues to establish itself as a single town with five identities, the Economic Development Committee (EDC) has given it a push in the right direction with the erection of [...]
Story 2 - 170426 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Council passes millrate bylaw
Councillor Ward made a motion that no additional managers or supervisors will be hired in 2017 with the exception of [...]
Story 3 - 170426 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Welcome Crowsnest Convenience
“You can come in here for a jug of milk and buy a house all in one sitting,” laughs Helen Belcastro who, with her husband Giovanni, recently opened Crowsnest Convenience and CNP Real Estate on Bellevue’s main street.
The Belcastros moved to the Pass [...]
Story 4 - 170426 Crowsnest Pass Herald
Ratepayers Association holds first meeting of the year
The Ratepayers Association held a meeting at the Hillcrest Miner’s Club on April 19, the first since November 2015.
The group plans to [...]
Story 5 - 170426 Crowsnest Pass Herald
‘Snowy Joey’ O’Brien hired as Manager of Community Services
The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass’ new Manager of Community Services, Joey O’Brien, has a legacy of turning bankrupt or almost-there ski resorts into profitable businesses, but he has one strong message to convey: he’s [...]
Looking Back by John Kinnear
How to Blow Up an Underwater Mountain
Last Wednesday was the anniversary of one of the most spectacular man-made explosions ever to occur in its time. It was referred to back then as one of the largest non-nuclear explosions on record. This mammoth blast occurred at [...]
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May 17th, 2017 ~ Vol. 87 No. 20
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